To be recognized as the Best Customizer and Manufacturer worldwide.

Commitment - to provide quality product, service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization.

Passion - combining our hearts and minds in the work to achieve the best results.

Innovation - to come out with new creative concepts that will inspire modernization in product and customer service

Integrity - honesty in every thing we do without compromising the truth

Service Excellence - giving the best in customer satisfaction and excellence service



We create high quality handgun from Standard, Open, or Classic Division Pistols


We custom handguns and accessories for practical shooting and self defense


We provide assembling of gun to suit the owner's need.



Single action, open sighted, fairly customized guns with light, fast triggers and various enhancements to assist rapid shooting and magazine reloads.


Single action, optic sighted, highly customized guns with light, fast triggers and every possible allowable enhancements to assist rapid shooting and reloads.


Resemble the classic 1911-genre design. Single-stack, one piece metal frames, and a dust cover (without an acessory rail) which has a maximum length of 75mm when measured from the leading edge of the dust cover to rear of the slide top pin.



"Me and my friends have had our short and long relationships with the Metrillo brothers. Our guns have been touched by them and now performing better and from our experience we can say that the Metrillos are all craftsmen of the highest level. The gun they make is more than reliable and would only be limited by the capacity of the user." Atty. Raul Reyes - Pasig

"I hear that the SV Infinity design, of course modified by Metrillo, is good in allowing your hand to attain a firm grip and reduces the thickness of the neck of the grip enough for your forefinger to be allowed an extra reach.
My recommendation: get a Metrillo pistol!!!" Ulra'81 - Lipa City

"Just had my PARA repaired at Metrillo. Extractor and feeding issue. I like the way they handle clients. I think sulit naman yung singil. I'll never ever entrust my gun to gunsmiths who don't hold good reputation among shooters. " arnoldb74 - Sta. Rosa, Laguna

"I will highly recommend METRILLO GUNSMITHING. They offer a very excellent accurising and gunsmithing job. Their price is very reasonable and nice to do bussiness with." Snipe - Missouri

"Shot 200rounds after i got it from my gunsmith, Metrillo Customs, and they are also the gunsmith of Manny Pacquiao. Performance was Flawless! Felt like i was shooting a 1911 in 9mm. Grouping was a coin in 10meters. " shing31go - Manila


Metrillo @25

In celebration of it's 25th anniversary, Metrillo Gun Corporation was featured at Business and Leisure. Check out the link to watch our interview

PART 1 (start at 37mins.)

PART 2 (start at 39mins.)


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